Saturday, April 5, 2014

Be Happy

Lately, I've been missing in action, and not just from this blog, but also from everyday life. I was struggling with some personal issues, and then T lost a close friend and it just sort of sent my life into a whirlwind. Even though none of it was fun, and for the most part it made me pretty sad, I still learned a lot about myself and others. Here are some of my suggestions on how to be happy and get out of a bad place.

Go for a run
I've always been a big believer that nothing helps relieve stress more than getting exercise. Recently, I've been putting on my running shoes and yoga pants and going for a quick jog around our neighborhood after school.

Ask for help
A lot of the stress in my life I decreased once I just asked others for help. I've always had a problem asking for help, but some situations you just have to put your pride aside and ask for a helping hand.

Count your blessings
No one has a perfect life, perfect friends, or the perfect boyfriend. Everyone's life has its flaws, but those flaws are what make your life yours and no one else's. This week really taught me to cherish the people in my life and not take anything for granted.

What do you do to get out of a funk?

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  1. Beautiful, & well said. You're brave to share this. Looking forward to your future posts. (:

    <3 Carsla
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