Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: True Blue Spa Cracked Heel Treatment

I have dry skin year round, but in the winter it gets a lot worse. My feet have always been a huge problem, and my heels definitely get dry and cracked. In the past, I've used everything from lotion to neosporin to try and heal them but nothing really did an outstanding job. Finally, I found a product that helped heal and protect my heels.
True Blue Spa Cracked Heel Treatment from Bath and Body Works has been a life saver for my feet. After one use, I could tell a difference in the condition of my feet. My heels and feet are smooth and the cracks in my heel are completely gone. This stuff is a bit pricey, but it is definitely worth it. The glycolic acid gets rid of the dry, dead skin and leaves your feet feeling smooth and new. I seriously don't think I could survive the rest of the winter without this stuff. There isn't much of a smell to the product either, which is  huge plus. I'm curious to try out the rest of the Tru Blue Spa line, and I think my next purchase may be one of their body scrubs. I highly recommend this product if your feet suffer from dry skin.


  1. Does Bath and Body carry this? I feel like I've seen it before and debated buying it. Good to know for next time. :)


    1. Yeah, they carry it! I'm always hesitant about buying their True Blue Spa line, but this was a really good choice :)