Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Resolutions

Every new year brings new resolutions for my life. Here are a few of the things I want to be better about in the new year!

Work Out More and Eat Healthier
Last year I fell into the bad habit of making excuses for why I couldn't work out or eat better. While I am busy with school and work, I am going to make more of an effort to work out more and eat healthier because I want to live forever. No, really, I want to live forever.

Go Outside of My Comfort Zone
I am a creature of habit, which means I typically play it safe and stick with what I'm comfortable with or used to doing. This year, I want to change that. Tucker and I live so close to the beach and Charleston, yet we never go. This year, I want to take more road trips and see new places and things.

Learn How to Ask For Help
I have a really hard time asking people for help. I want to learn how to delegate tasks and asking people for help when I need it.

What are your New Year resolutions?

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